Welcome to Volunteer Access!

Volunteer Access is a free service dedicated to increasing student participation in service activities. We offer schools and organizations an opportunity to improve the process of volunteering for their students or members, and our user-friendly site makes it easy for everyone to get the most out of community service.

During our Beta period, open registration for Volunteer Access has been disabled.

However, if you would like to use our service in your school or see it used in your community, please contact Daniel Munson at dmunson@volunteeraccess.com. Thank you.


Volunteer Access allows students to find local volunteering opportunities from trusted organizations. Students can browse opportunities that match their interests and schedule, then sign up for them with a click of a button.


With our service, schools can promote community service to their students while saving time and spending nothing. Schools can filter organizations and opportunities to make sure that their students are viewing only appropriate and trusted opportunities.


Community organizations and clubs can quickly and easily promote their opportunities and spread awareness of their efforts to local students and volunteers. Organizations can also provide accounts for their members, so that everyone can serve in the best way possible.